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As permanent Mold and Pressure Die Casting Pioneers LynRus Aluminum Products was founded by two brothers Lynn and Russ Margetts in 1949. For the last 60 Years we have pioneered the Permanent Mold and Pressure Die Casting process in Utah.


From castings to fully assembled products, we offer a variety of turnkey services that meet your needs. We work in partnership to provide design and manufacturing solutions. Regardless of the size or complexity of your casting requirements, you can depend on us to deliver the highest quality.


LynRus continues to provide parts of the most discriminating customer in the United States, Europe, Asia, South America and all over the world. Our customers include firms in the high tech petrol-chemical, defense, automotive, medical and aerospace industries, as well as in education, recreation , utilities, government, and many others. LynRus has regularly met the requirements of ASTM standards, Military Standards QQ-A-591 Die Castings, QQ-A-596 Permanent Mold Castings, and Mil-STD-2175 Inspection.


Our continuing standard of quality work has been passed from generation to generation. Many of our current employees learned the business from their fathers. We take pride in the international reputation we’ve earned through the quality of our workmanship. To all of us working at LynRus it’s more than just a job, it’s a commitment. We’re confident there will be more generations to carry on in this tradition.


“At LRDYNAMICS our objective is to consistently provide superior quality, defect-free products that meet or exceed our customers’ quality & delivery expectations in a profitable and efficient manner.”
- Russ Margetts, Previous CEO of LRD





Started in 1949 by two innovative, tinkering brothers named Lynn and Russ (LR). These brothers had lived through the Great Depression and World War II and throughout their lives had developed a driving curiosity about how things worked. So they combined their experience and started Marco Products which focused on building unique products for local industrial customers. This new found adventure enabled them to tinker and also support thier young, growing families. Marco Products eventually became Lynrus Corporation when they brought on investors in the late 1960’s then at the turn of the century became Lynrus Aluminum Products when Russ Margetts, Russ Senior’s son, took over operations of the business.

After nearly 20 years of exciting growth and new opportunities, Russ sold the company to his son Tyler who is the current owner. In the transition of ownership the company started anew as LR Dynamics, Inc. LR hails back to the original founders Lynn and Russ and “Dynamics” represents forward motion and positive change that is the goal of the third generation of family owners.